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Based on a long technical and business experience in the IT field and employing a group of highly trained IT professionals Barmagyat offers a full range of IT services which complements its main line of business. These service include :

  • Solution Architecting
    A comprehensive analysis of client requirements is carried out by barmagyat experts to develop the overall vision that underlies the projected solution. This vision is then transformed to a tangible solution by setting up an execution plan.

    The developed vision covers all solution aspects including but not limited to deciding the solution technology, hardware sizing, network architecture and topology, choosing the suitable operating system, deciding on the type of database management system in addition to functional and business process design.

  • Systems Integration
    In a multivendor environment integration is a critical requirement to streamline and to improve the utilization of the available resources, through full understanding of the current environment and future needs of its customers barmagyat provides professional methods for system integration which insures that all system components will work together in harmony.